Salt Lab’s Cult Magnesium Oil Spray  Our high-grade Magnesium Oil Spray is 100%

Salt Lab’s Cult Magnesium Oil Spray Our high-grade Magnesium Oil Spray is 100%

Salt Lab Rejuvenation Pack

Need to up your wellness levels? Salt Lab Rejuvenation Pack has your back. Featuring Magnesium Oil Spray and Deconstructed Bath Bomb, this pack is the go-to for anyone needing a reset.

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1 x Deconstructed Bath Bomb

Whether you need to improve your sleep quality or simply had a frustrating day, our bath bomb will help to relax, soothe and revitalise your body. Containing Magnesium Chloride flakes that’ll revive both you and your skin, Dead Sea Salts to help you relax and mineral-rich bentonite clay, essential for soothing the skin, this product makes bath time 294 times more heavenly.


1 x 200ml Magnesium Oil

 High-grade magnesium oil helps to boost wellness and nourish your skin. It’s brilliant for helping you rejuvenate, relax and unwind after a big gym session or a stressful day. Spritzed onto your stomach before bed, this product will help you take the time to reset and truly relax before you drift off to sleep. Designed and developed by exercise scientists, athletes and gym owners, this product comes approved by professional athletes and massage therapists.

All products are vegan, 100% natural, Australian owned and made in Melbourne.



Magnesium Oil - Purified Water, Magnesium Chloride

Deconstructed Bath Bomb - Magnesium Chloride, Dead Sea Salts, Bentonite Clay 




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